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Can life get better than this?

I ask myself savouring my favourite Hawaii Kona coffee, watching the pink tinged sun rise high, shooting fire into the skies from my 12th floor apartment as 24K Opula comes alive below. I watch the tiny tots dart around playing hide and seek between the lush landscape dotted with verdant green trees as their parents wait for the school buses to dock at the designated drop zone secure in the knowledge that their children are safe in 24K Opula’s strict vehicle free zones. Mom and Dad will definitely feel at home here, I think watching the 24K senior citizens gather together to begin their morning walk along the anti-skid pave way that skirts 24K Opula. There’s so much of creativity that has gone into designing 24K Opulas’ outdoor spaces with unusual amenities like a rock climbing wall (I’m dying to try this myself!); a giant chess game that beckons me to try my hand at check mating; gorgeous pergolas where one can relax anytime of the day; sports facilities like a full size basketball court, tennis lawns and of course the well-equipped spacious gymnasium that I need to haul myself into pretty quick before the pounds begin to undo my waistline!

Everything is just so perfect.

The past week has flown by in a wild and exciting flurry of getting to know my charming 24k Opula neighbours. Thanks to Jas, that’s Jasmine Kulkarni my next to door neighbour, who happens to be a well-known wildlife photographer - the woman’s been to Masai Mara like twice this year (read envy here!) - I’ve gotten to meet some really interesting folks. I’m invited over to the aesthetically designed 24K Opula clubhouse which overlooks the cool blue expanse of the exquisite infinity pool making it the absolutely perfect spot for hanging out with your friends at the end of a long day. Today Jas and her 24K girlie gang are trying to figure out the upcoming 24K Holi celebrations whilst catching up on news, munching almond croissants and sipping ice cappuccinos. ‘Czarina’s quite the influencer when it comes to fashion trends across the board, so ask away gals…tell us Czi…what’s the color this year? Anything but shades of grey…phuhleez.’ I smile at Jas my cheeky pal, loving her sense of humour. ‘Yes please, I’m so done with black and grey!’ pipes up Natasha, tossing her raven black red tipped hair. ‘Ravi’s gone and decided on black everywhere even in the kitchen when I so want sunshine yellow to complement my gorgeous 24K Opula flooring and luxurious fittings!’ She sighs exasperatedly, taking a deep swig of her cappuccino. My heart goes out to her. Jas takes charge instinctively. ‘Come on Nats let’s go over to Czi’s, get Ravi along. You’ll see how well she’s worked with the 24K design principles to create an absolutely stylish lifestyle home that’s really unique.’

I’m flattered and yet a bit nervous at the same time.

Ravi’s expressions are priceless when he takes in my bold use of the vibrant Mediterranean cerulean blue on the largest wall in my living room highlighting my Matisse Woman in a Purple Coat. I’ve deliberately kept the rest of my living room walls uneven textured and pure, pristine white to add space and visual depth making everything from a giant size martini glass to my grandfather’s antique bar stand out adding a rather natty pizazz to my 24K home. ‘I just love the French vibe Czarina, it’s so relaxing. I could live here.’ Declares Jas plonking down on my favourite, purple hued game of thrones love seat couch picking up the latest Vogue. ‘Every 24K Opula home comes fitted with world class fittings that should be flaunted, celebrated not buried in predictability, like your inner personality.’ I say softly as we enter my kitchen. Natasha almost bursts out giggling seeing Ravi blush in confusion wondering whether I’m complimenting him or being snarky. My 24K kitchen is inspired by my back packing holiday in Italy. Compact with ample storage, stylish and efficiently designed to host dinners at a moment’s notice and yet take care of the post dinner aftermath with well thought out spaces for essentials like the dishwasher for I can’t live without one! By now, Ravi has lost his stoic banker inhibitions, he’s quite appreciative of my mint green kitchen space dotted with vibrant food décor items which invariably attract every foodie’s attention.

It’s these finer details of your home that add value to your lifestyle.

‘The inherent beauty of any 24K Opula home, be it 3 or 4 RLK is the complete privacy and unhindered view that one gets at all floors not to forget the absolutely amazing ventilation that helps keep your energies flowing.’ I smile and draw open the master bedroom curtains; the evening sun streams in gently, pooling in delicate curls on the marble floor; and I wait for them to soak in the richness of the berry Caponata shade with my favourite MF Hussain that backdrops the pearl grey duvet of my bed. And I don’t have to say anything more. For my 24K home has made an unforgettable statement. I can see them visualizing their home like it should be, purely 24K Opula. Nothing less.


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