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You've Arrived....

The big day is finally here. I’m moving into my very own 24K Opula home. ‘You’ve truly come home Czarina’, I tell myself as I hang up my name plate on the plush, exquisite door peeking into the luxurious expanse of top class amenities that beckon me. For someone who travels for both business and pleasure, it’s the eye for the smallest of details that sets a property apart, etching it eternal in your memory. And 24K Opula truly lives up to its promises of superb location, great connectivity, plush indoor and outdoor amenities, state-of-the-art security and one-of-its-kind Club Concierge service that just sets your lifestyle at 24K Opula apart. ‘Don’t worry your head about anything darling. The Club Concierge guys are thorough professionals and our service elevators are really huge so nothing’s going to break during transportation.’ My neighbour Mrs Kulkarni assured me. ‘So relax, just figure out where you’re going to place your grandma’s jhoola on that lovely sundeck.’ She was so right! The 24K concierge service took great care in understanding and easing my relocation needs making sure everything outside and within my home was in impeccable, working condition before they left.

It’s been a long but satisfying day.

I kick off my shoes and walk barefoot to the kitchen savouring the cool touch of the pristine flooring, soaking in the serene ambience that encompasses 24k Opula, I can feel my stress begin to melt away. It’s really hard to imagine finding the perfect home in today’s space-challenged real estate.

But I have it all. I have found the extraordinary.

24K Limited edition luxury homes come fitted with Europe’s biggest brands Porcelanosa, Noken and Gama décor, with spacious sundecks and homes that are surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens for the young and old. High on aesthetics and lifestyle synergy, every 24K project speaks world-class architectural sophistication. I pour myself a glass of Chenin Blanc and head out to the sundeck. The day’s ending, the fiery sun sinking into the horizon, down below 12 floors, I can hear the faint yet excited voices of children playing and I imagine their families looking on indulgently as they scamper after a ball tossed across the wide lawns secure in the knowledge that their children are truly safe in these dedicated family friendly spaces specially created in 24K Opula. I can’t wait to begin my life at 24K Opula. Make new friends, explore the neighbourhood, discover Pune…so why not do it now I think putting down my glass, I hurry over to Mrs Kulkarni and ring her doorbell. ‘Sure why not, let’s head out to Balewadi High Street.’ And within the hour, the two of us are on our way to forging a friendship courtesy 24K.

And the desire to live a life extraordinaire.

Two hours later, secure in the knowledge that 24K’s state-of-the-art security guards my privacy at all costs, I sleep like a baby dreaming of my golden life ahead.

Only at 24K Opula.

Disclaimer: All characters in this blog are purely fictional and are not based on any living person.


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